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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

New XaviX Games

Since my kids love the XaviX bowling so much I decided to purchase all of the other available XaviX games (actually there are only 2 other games. It's nice to be able to say that I have every game for a specific game console!). The games are Tennis and Baseball. I have only had about 30 minutes to evaluate these (15 minutes each). Baseball comes with a bat and ball. The bat is designed to detect movement and the ball has buttons where you can enter the type of pitch and movement detection as well. When you swing and hear the crack of the bat sound effect you feel like you are actually hitting a ball! Tennis feels the same, you have two racquets and you swing them at the ball giving you a feeling that you are actually playing. I can't wait to introduce the kids to these! I'll update this blog with their reactions.

While I'm talking about the XaviX, I had an idea to setup a mock bowling alley in my basement to go with my Arcade theme. I have been pricing laminate flooring to build a small 4x7' lane in front of a mounted TV. I am also planning to open my XaviX port and see if I can wire in a connecter that will allow me to run wires to the end of the bowling lane where I can put some Arcade style buttons to allow players to select game options from their seats. I'll update this blog with pictures if I manage to pull this project off. The XaviX has an expansion port so this may be clean way to add devices. I'll know more when I void the warranty!


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