The World According to John

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Is there a God? Creation vs. Evolution

This is a classic World According to John moment. I am growing tired of all of the people falling all over themselves in their attempts to justify either side of this argument. Consider this, perhaps the truth may lie somewhere in between!

To me it’s so obvious. I am a programmer; we have the power to create worlds. Inside of a computer we can define rules and parameters that our worlds follow. We create intelligent objects that exist within these worlds. We can give these objects freedoms to pursue their own paths within the limits of the universe that we create. If we can do this, why not God?

Our universe follows some basic laws. We call them physics. gravity, time and the elements. Out of these basic building blocks everything else exists. In a computer program we also have some basic building blocks, electrons, cycles, pixels… but as we all know, computer programs do not write themselves. Random electrons, cycles and pixels do not create working worlds. For a computer program (or our universe) to work we need order. Order that is created through and with much thought and design.

I’m pretty sure that a complex universe like ours, built on these seemingly simple building blocks must have been designed by a creator with a very high and complex intelligence. For this design to lead to intelligent adaptive life, it needed to be perfectly conceived.

A nerd as old as me can remember a movie named Tron. In Tron a programmer gets sucked into a computer system and gets to be an eye witness to the worlds within. In these worlds the programs go about their daily work. Some silly programs actually believe in a religion that believes in entities called ‘Users’. Most of the other programs think that this is a silly religion and there is no proof of these so-called ‘Users’.

Back to my point... I believe that the stories about God creating the universe are true. I believe that he did. I also believe that evolution is true. I think that this is how God went about doing it. God is the creator of the things we call science. I believe that what we are observing when we study the sciences are all Gods engineering. We learn more and more about how he has designed the universe and the technologies that he uses.

Now for another leap… I believe that our universe may be just one in an infinite number of universes that God has created. Our single universe has trillions of galaxies; each galaxy has billions of suns. Each sun seems to have many worlds. And the numbers seem to support that the probability of life on other worlds is excellent.

For those hard-core fundamentalists: news flash: The earth is not Flat! Give God some credit. His creation is awesome, perfect and very complex. You can see the physical evidence that supports the science just as clearly as the evidence that you exist. Many of you trust your doctor to treat you when you are very sick. Why? His works are based on science…

For those scientists who are skeptical about the existence of God, I submit these questions: Why did the big bang happen? Where did all of this matter come from? How can all of our universe come from Nothing? Perhaps it was God simply booting up his computer!