The World According to John

Monday, December 17, 2007

Robots, Joysticks and Simulators!

Latest additcion = games with BIG controllers and Robots:

Ace Combat 6 - XBOX360

Steel Battalion XBOX x2 (using system link)

There is something about the added complexity that makes the game more real! I was addicted to Activisions Mechwarrior 2 in the middle 90's and Steel Battalion brings me back, not to mention that it is the next best thing to the Arcade Battletech simulators. Having been an Avionics Technician (AT) back in my Navy days, being attracted to games like this comes as no suprise.

Thanks to e-bay, I have 2 Steel Batallion controlers and two old XBOX systems networked together running in system link mode running the add-on called "Line of Contact".

I'm also excited about my latest toy: RoboQuad

My last robot toy i-Cybie was cool but it was blind as a bat. (purchased several but all are now in a box along with all of the custom power adapters and charging stations - I even have some software where they can use coded personality cartriges.) These were nice for their time but had a short rechargable battery life from 15 to 35 minutes.

RoboQuad is more advanced. It scans the room and can see objects and determine the best place to go. My kids and I have run it for at least 4 or 5 hours and the batteries are still going strong! It reminds me of something from Star Wars and even sounds like R2D2. I highly recommend this "Toy" for any geek who grew up hoping that robots would be as common as cars. We are almost there!