The World According to John

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pinball Dreams!

For the last few years somewhere just before spring, I get inspired to build something. This year is no different. This year, I chose to build a pinball machine. Inspired by Visual Pinball, and the growing hobby to build arcade machines based on M.A.M.E. (multiple arcade machine emulator) I decided that Visual Pinball needed to have a machine built around it. Playing pinball on a PC is fun but it was missing that real arcade feeling. Having already built two arcade cabinets for my home I decided that no arcade was complete without a full-blown pinball machine.

I wanted the machine to look like a pinball machine so I searched ebay for a set of pinball machine legs. I found a set for $8! I found some pinball shipping diagrams on the web and was able to determine the exact dimensions of a typical pinball table. I quickly diagramed it out to determine the materials I’d need from the hardware store on a budget of about $150.00 (not counting the computer and monitor).

Once I had the materials and a borrowed circular saw I started to put it all together. It took less than 3 hours to completely assemble and a few more hours to paint (3 coats).

You can read more about it here (

Monday, March 06, 2006

My place in History

It's now official. My early games from the 90's are being memorialized on a web site dedicated to CLassic DOS Games! Out of the 5 DOS games I wrote and released as Shareware in the 90's, the one I'm most proud of is a game called 'The Dungeons of Grimlor II'. This game was inspired by games I was downloading (and playing) off the the local BBS's (pre-internet) that were written by Apogee, ID and Epic Megagames. I am very honored to have my works placed on a web site dedicated to works of these great game making giants! I tip my hat to the webmaster of this web site for the work he is doing to keep the memory of all of these old games alive.

They have a complete list of every DOS game I made including their full registered versions online and available for download.